Premium Natural Kava Root Powder 70% Off Introductory Sale

Premium Natural Kava Root Powder 70% Off Introductory Sale

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Are you ready for a Relaxed, clear headed, happy state of mind? Go on vacation with OurKava

90% Micronized Lateral Root Waka Grade Kava 10% Crown Root, 0% Added Ingredients. We stand by our Kava with a 100% Premium Quality Guarantee

This is the best it gets, Don't be fooled by Kava Extract Powder claiming 10:1 potency. Our Kava Root Powder is around 7x Stronger than any chinese made 10:1 extracts on the market. Our Kava has been micronized to ensure you get the most Kavalactones per serving.

This is a very Strong Kavalactone Content Product, please start with 2 tablespoons mixed with your favorite juice to Unwind after a long Day or to Kick back with your friends. 

You will Feel a Strong Happy feeling come on with a relaxed body buzz, but very clear minded. It is comparably to the pleasant effects of alcohol and marijuana without all of the negative, disoriented, impaired feelings. With kava you can get things done or relax it’s your choice. Increase dosage and you can get to sleep on time for an occasional sleeplessness, waking up refreshed! Without any “cloudy” hangover.

Premium Fijian Kava powder. Quality powder that has been micronized. Simply blend or mix Powder throughly in a cup that is 4 parts water or juice and 1 part Kava. Then strain. You will love our Kava, it is the highest quality product for a fraction of the price, If you have any questions regarding OurKava, 

Call us toll free 24/7 at 855-442-KAVA

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Everything from OurKava is 100% risk free trial. Order with confidence, if you don’t want it after you use it, send it back to us for a full refund. 

100% Lowest Priced guarantee & 100% No questions asked full refund

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