Kava Benefits

Why is Kava Our Favorite Supplement? Kava does not lose its potency or strength over time. The effects from a 2 Tablespoon dose will soon be reduced to 1 Tablespoon. It has  a Reversed Tolerance! Shortly after you will only have to take a little bit of kava to achieve the benefits. Kava has many uses, Our favorite is Kava's mood boosting qualities. Start the evening with 2-4 tablespoons blended and strained with your favorite juice. Your mood will quickly become heightened, it puts you in a happy, uplifted mood. You will feel calm yet able to focus. It is great for social gatherings. Or if you are just winding down at home after a stressful day. We also love OurKava for occasional sleeplessness. Mix a higher dosage of Kava for sleep and you will quickly fall asleep fast for the occasional sleeplessness. Wake up feeling refreshed, without the "Cloud' feeling of over the counter sleep aids or Prescription medications.

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