About Us

If you have ever tried real Kava, you know that it is truly an amazing state of calmness and clear headedness. It makes you feel as if you are on a vacation, free of stress, taking you back to your youth. It is the perfect mood booster, for social events or winding down after a stress filled day. The only problem is that it can get expensive if you don’t know OurKava. We at OurKava love kava so much and we think that everyone should be able to afford this amazing experience. You can compare our Premium kava to the lowest price on amazon, we cut those prices in half and offer the same 2 day shipping. We have a 100% refund policy, try our product and contact us if you have any problems with your order. We will refund 100% of your order. Try it risk free. We assure you that we are the best Kava supplier. Find a lower price after your order? Send us a picture and we will send you the difference plus a gift. OurKava also offers additional discounts and free kava gifts to all returning customers that leave reviews on our website!

Call us toll free if you have any questions about OurKava